The White King - Leanda de Lisle
Tudor: The Family Story - Leanda de Lisle
The Sisters who Would be Queen - Leanda de Lisle
After Elizabeth - Leanda de Lisle

“Leanda de Lisle has the gift of reminding us that history is the story of real people; real men, real women, full of rage and ambition and lust and hope and love...Wonderful, passionate, dangerous, fascinating stuff.”

I want to bring the past alive for readers, bringing detail to narrative history that allows us to know even what a particular person wore at a particular moment, and if the sun shone or if it rained. I am also careful to explain the cultural context, to get under the skin of historical figures and how they thought. Everything I write is underpinned by extensive research and each book takes several years to complete. I have uncovered lost manuscripts and been able to expose historical myths and recover the truth about men and women whose lives have been distorted by prejudice. 'The Sisters Who Would be Queen' takes us from the era of Henry VIII to that of Elizabeth I, unravelling lies about the Nine Days Queen, Lady Jane Grey and uncovering the tragic stories of her sisters, the forgotten rivals to Queen Elizabeth. 'Tudor the Family Story' brings attention to forgotten as well as famous Tudor figures, from the time of Owen Tudor and the wars of the Roses re-examining reputations, telling the history of the dynasty in one coherent and dramatic story. My latest book, White King, is my most exciting yet. A biography of Charles I it is inspired by lost royal manuscripts, revealling a king very different from the monarch of traditional history and introducing readers to the extraordinary and often maligned women who surrounded him.