The White King - Leanda de Lisle
Tudor: The Family Story - Leanda de Lisle
The Sisters who Would be Queen - Leanda de Lisle
After Elizabeth - Leanda de Lisle

“Leanda de Lisle has the gift of reminding us that history is the story of real people; real men, real women, full of rage and ambition and lust and hope and love...Wonderful, passionate, dangerous, fascinating stuff.”

The drama of the Tudor age did not end with death of Elizabeth I, but in the reign of the White King it will find resolution. 

Less than forty years after the Elizabethan golden age England is at war with itself, split between loyalty to the Crown and Parliament.  Family is set against family, friend against friend in bloody civil war. At the head of this disintegrating kingdom is the figure of Charles I. In this groundbreaking biography never before published royal letters and newly uncovered manuscripts reveal a king who is principled, radical and brave, but also fatally blinkered, his maligned queen Henrietta Maria, a warrior and political player as impressive as any Tudor consort. Here too are the heirs to a fatal Tudor inheritance who befriend and betray them: the peacocking Henry Holland, whose brother engineers the king’s fall; and the powerful  ‘last Boleyn girl’, Lucy Carlisle. This is a story for our times, of populist politicians and religious wars, of a new media and the reshaping of nations. For Charles it ends on the scaffold. Condemned as a traitor and murderer, yet also heralded as a martyr, the death of the White King will sow the seeds of a new Britian and a new world.