“This is popular history of the finest kind, vivid, immediate, well researched and telling a compelling story. It is also serves the first duty of biography, by making its subject more wholly understandable than before.”


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“Leanda de Lisle has brilliantly overturned nearly four centuries of misogynistic, religiously bigoted and politically motivated myths about Henrietta Maria, who now emerges as a fascinating, fearless woman, wife and mother. This is revisionist history at its absolute best”


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“Leanda de Lisle's beautifully written and endlessly fascinating new biography of Henrietta Maria brings one of the 17th century's most misunderstood women to glorious life. For far too long, Henrietta Maria has been patronised and belittled by historians as little more than an adjunct to her husband. This salutary and important book restores her to her rightful place as one of the most fascinating and important figures of her time”